What is itSMF Hellas?

itSMF Hellas is the Greek chapter of an international forum headquartered in the UK. There are more than 2600 members in Greece, including IT professionals in every industry imaginable. It is a forum in the true sense of the word in that the knowledge comes collectively from the membership and is shared freely amongst members.

itSMF is the only internationally recognised and independent organisation dedicated to IT Service Management.

Our Vision

To be recognised by industry, professional bodies and user organisations as the premier representative body for IT Service Management (ITSM) in Greece.

Our Mission

  • To provide a forum for our membership to exchange views and share experiences regarding IT Service Management (ITSM).
  • To promote awareness, adoption and use of standards and best practices in IT Service Management.
  • To lead the continuous improvement of ITSM best practice and standards.
  • To contribute to the ongoing improvement of professionalism in the IT industry.
  • To provide a range of services and events that provide significant vendor independent support and value to members.

Our Aims

  • To be the primary resource of Service Management information and advice that is of benefit to itSMFA members, the ITSM industry and the wider IT community.
  • To support and contribute to the continuing development of best practice. The itSMF plays a pivotal role in the development of ISO/IEC 20000 and has a continuing and signficant input into the development of ITIL.
  • To maintain a broad membership base representative of the ITSM industry.
  • To provide resources to build awareness of the Forum so that itSMFA can achieve its goals.
  • To take a lead role in influencing all bodies whose decision making processes affect Service Management.
  • To support corporate members and their businesses through networking opportunities and other organisations.
  • To promote ITSM products and services to an Greek audience.
  • To be a successful and valued link in communicating the best practice message to our members and the ITSM industry